Chris Riley 


Counselling & Therapist

  • Asperger's & Autism

  • Psychology & Mental Health

  • Psychotherapy

  • Anger Management

  • Bereavement & Grief

  • Family & Relationship

  • Depression 

  • PTSD & CBT

  • Child Behaviour Analyses

Alternative Therapies

  • Massage Therapist Professional

  • Master Herbalist

  • Reflexology

  • Meditation

  • Acupuncture

  • Acupressure

  • Hypnotherapy


I have worked for over 25 years as a foster carer, 16 years as an instructor in an education support school and most recently as a Life Coach.


As a carer, I have helped hundreds of young children who have been through the care system. Often these children (and indeed many of the parents) feel let down by society, have been misjudged and are understandably traumatized; to work with them, care for them and give them the 'tools' for what is hopefully a brighter future, has always been a real privilege.


Throughout my career, I have completed many courses in therapeutic intervention, mental health, autism, behaviour management and 'borderline personality disorder'.


In essence, I am here to help. To create an empathetic and personable environment where people can most benefit from my professional training and hands-on life skills. I work with individuals, families and small groups and particularly thrive on working with parents and children in short-term placement; preparing them to once again become a united family.


If you need my help, please contact me and we can arrange a meeting for an initial, informal chat. We can discuss your circumstances, concerns, and anxieties and start to put together a plan for moving forward -  remember, We cannot change our past but can shape our future.


Make life easier, call 07768 705760 now for a FREE Initial consultation with no obligation, email fizzeeklife@gmail.com or visit us at www.fizzeeklife.com

The initial consultation will last approximately 30 minutes after this session times are depending on the client's needs and availability. Discounted rate is available on block sessions

Life Coaching Sessions Fees

  • Single Session

  • Five Sessions

  • Ten Sessions


“Chris worked with my son for six weeks, within this time he has helped him cope with his anger issues that started in school which then escalated at home, Chris met with our family member individually to assess family life, he chatted to my son about this friendships, peer groups and school. My son is in a better place now, his anger issues have decreased and Chris has shown him how to manage himself . ”

Mrs T L (May 16)

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