Catherine George-Samuels


Catherine George-Samuels


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I am recognised for my impressionist art work, which is created mainly in acrylic, but also in water-colour, ink, and other mediums.

I take inspiration from shapes and shadows, this draws the eye of the viewer to explore what is in them. I paint mainly buildings and flora but have included a wide variety.

Inspiration also comes from places I have visited such as Japan, Venice, Peru, and my background not only in the leafy countryside of the United Kingdom but also my heritage from Nigeria.

My artwork is alive both in design and shape, and also in the vibrancy of the colours I use. The images are only partly painted with gaps producing thought from the viewer, sometimes the colours I use are extensive, sometimes I scrape a minimum of paint into areas to create a sense of something ‘additional’.

Each painting is unique and, I hope, brings out something special to the viewer from both the image and the impressions that it produces.

I studied art at Canterbury College of Art and Goldsmith’s University.


Recent Exhibitions: New Maynard Gallery Exhibition 2018, Henderson Exhibition 2018, Harpers Art Club Annual Exhibition 2018, Harpenden Arts of the Common – 2019

I do commissions to order. Prints and cards also available.

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